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11-30-2004 Journal
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The food seems to have a heavy Russian influence with well cooked meat, root vegetables and cabbage comprising
the staples.  The most common foreign elements we have come across are European style cheeses and tomatoes.  
Leafy vegetables seem scarce.  The piroshkis are baked as opposed to fried.  In the grocery stores the prepared food
section you can fine heavily dressed jullienned carrot or beet salads that have a bit of a kim chee kind of flavor.  You
will also find a broad selection of Russian style dried sausages.

The food at the Hotel Chagala (where we are staying) is very westernized but a bit on the expensive side.  There is
another western style restaurant we like called the Dixie Cafe in the Atrium that actually has nice leafy salads and is
priced moderately compared to The Chagala.  We ate at the one Chinese Restaurant in town and it was quite
expensive and really awful.  There is a restaurant called Kamelot that I mentioned earlier which is moderately price with
very traditional Kazakh restaurant food...everything very rich and over cooked...if you like meat, you may like Kamelot.