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11-25-2004 Journal
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Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Mom and Dad do have a lot to feel thankful for this year...namely the two of you.  Our visits
were fun today and then we had a Thanksgiving dinner at our hotel with our travel partners Jenn and Tim.  

We received some feedback from our cousin Sandy who wanted to hear more about your here it

Rose:  You were born first so we will describe your personality first.  Like your sister you are presently 9 months and
25 days.  You seem to be the high maintenance one of the two.  While it is easier to get a laugh out of you, you are
less content to lay or sit on the floor and entertain yourself with a rattler.  You love it when your Daddy swings you
around and each day you seem more and more receptive to our kisses.  You do not like hats or pacifiers as you are
quick to pull a hat off your head or spit a pacifier out of your mouth.  With your sister you are nicknamed "The
Princesses" in the baby house because compared to the other babies, nothing is good enough for the two of
you...whether it be a certain food (you have both been know to turn your heads to the side with pursed lips when
someone presents a spoonful of sub-standard baby cuisine) or being placed in a play pen with a baby who does not
share your royal blood-line.  If your Grandma Judy is reading this we are sure she has a great big smile on her face
as she would identify with your plight (she is also under the impression she comes from a royal blood-line and yet
had to suffer through her infant years in a blue collar and pedestrian town called Grass Valley) (I need to point out
again to all you Uralsk lovers reading this that I am exaggerating reality for the sake of drama).

Iris:  Born second, you prefer quite confidence, low-key coolness, the appearance of calm.  In the beginning you
were very frustrated by us, strangers and foreign, taking control of your physical being.  You cried a lot and your
Mom also picked up on the fact that you were teething and were therefore a bit sleep deprived and uncomfortable.  
However, after a couple of days of holistic tooth gel, a pacifier and being wrapped in a blanket and allowed some
sleep during our sessions you settled into your true very even-keeled self.  We expect you to be the modest straight
"A" student with the slightly introverted personallity...contented to let your gregarious sister absorb the lime light.

Thanksgiving dinner was a treat.  The hotel prepared turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and pumpkin pie.  The
pumpkin pie was in fact delicious as the crust was made with a sweet chewy leavened bread and the filling was
course pumpkin (possibly another squash) lightly sweetened.  We requested some whipped cream to go with the pie
which made it really perfect.

We really like our travel partners Tim and Jenn.  We are definitely bonding with them and could not imagine a more
perfect match for us.  After dinner we went up to our room and watched an episode of the Ali G. Show and just
howled with laughter.  The little boy they are adopting (A.J.) is the cutest and we have already told their parents that
he is allowed to date either of you if he wants.