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11-21-2004 Journal
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Before I get started with narrating the day I want to say a few things about your Mom.  In prior journal entries I have
been teasing her a bit and I want the two of you and everyone else reading this to know that I love everything about
your mother.  While I make fun of her over packing and refusal to suffer through sub-par accommodations, I never
mean to give the impression that your mother is a spoiled princess.  She is in fact a tough, determined, hard working
person who values family, pride, quality, love, success, honor, fairness, kindness, respect and consideration.  It has
been your mother, through amazing focus and determination, who has made our adoption of the two of you possible.
Your mother has persevered and directed us over every hurdle and through every has basically been my job
to follow her direction and lead (your mom is also a skilled manager and has mastered the art of delegation).  In
addition to being such a quality person, your mom is beautiful and sexy beyond your dad's comprehension.

Today was our 2nd full day of visiting.  The 11 A.M. morning session was fun and went by quickly just like the 3 P.M.
afternoon session.  Each session is 1 hour.  In the morning session, mom got to carry sleeping Iris Alphia back to her
crib in the baby room.  In the room she witnessed about 16 babies all in their own cribs, laying on their backs in a long
row.  Your mom felt sad for the babies and wished she could adopt them all (note self, rent the Josephine Baker Story
and make Setsuko watch it over and over).    

The evening was very mellow filled with more organizing and going to bed early.  We did decide that we are going to
stay at the Chagala Hotel for the rest of our trip.  It is going to cost us about $80 per day more but once you have
tasted the Chagala life, there is no turning back...