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11-20-2004 Journal
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Today was a very special day.  It was our first official day of bonding.  We got to come visit you two at 11 A.M. and
3 P.M.

Before I talk about today I need to make something very clear.  In yesterday's journal I wrote about how drab
Uralsk is and I need to point out that I was grossly exaggerating for the dramatic weaving of my tale...I will get more
into describing Uralsk as we get around to exploring a little more.

In the morning visit we were well prepared with video and still cameras, classical music, lots of little toys, blankets
and sheep skin rugs.  Rose Fatima was contented to lay on the floor and play with the toys.  She invited our
attention and silly goggling and towards the end of our visit was even laughing.  Iris on the hand was cranky and
fitful the whole time but calmed down when mom wrapped her in a blanket, gave her a pacifier and cooed to her.

In the afternoon it was more of the same with Rose Fatima getting more comfortable and she was even more
animated and laughing.  Poor little Iris did a lot better and we feel comfortable that she will come around.  We are
actually glad that their personalities are so different.

On the whole it was a very fulfilling and satisfying day of bonding.  We really felt like we made instant progress and
can not wait to be with you, our baby girls tomorrow.

In the evening we had dinner with our travel partners Jenn and Tim ( and two other
adopting families, Kim and Joel ( and Stan and Fran.  We ate at a medieval themed restaurant
called Kamelot.  We had a very pleasant evening sharing pictures,
taking pictures, and talking about our children
and adoption.