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11-16-2004 Journal
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It has been 11/16/2004 for about 1 hour now.  Mom and Dad are leaving on a plane to come get the two of you in
about 13 hours and 30 minutes.  We have been shopping, baby accessorying, building furniture, hanging wall paper,
pre-paying bills, automating projects, checking lists 5 or six times and packing bags that weigh less than 70 pounds to
avoid the $105 extra heavy bag charge that Lufthansa imposes.  We are on our way to Kazakhstan heavily armed with
letters, clearances, official documents, visas, passports, passport copies that have been notarized, certified and
apostilled...oh yeah and we also have plane tickets.  In addition to the things I have described we have packed, a
video camera, 2 digital cameras, a pda, a backup pda, a laptop, dvds, cds, portable sound system, books, magazines,
a handy-man tool, a first aide kit and of course the obligatory nylon screen and duct tape to cover our open window
that does not have its own screen to keep bats out while we enjoy the outside air's cooling effect on our centrally
heated stifling hot apartment (we learned later that the bat condition is a myth but we are bringing the screen just in

I guess what I am trying to say is that the preparation has been exhausting but we are energized by the prospect that
we will be meeting the two of you very soon.  Your Mom and I could not think of anything to do with our lives that could
be more exciting and fulfilling...