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12-7-2004 Journal
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As they say in the adoption community, today was "Gotcha Day".

The court went just how expected but it was still a bit suspenseful just before the judge rendered his decision.  The
procedure went just like the pre-court hearing on 12/3
(click here for 12/3 Journal).  Once we got the decision we
knew nothing could possible go wrong.  Your mother and I had been vigilant about not taking this moment for granted
at anytime since we had started the adoption process back in November of 2003...but now the moment passed and
we cannot begin to express the joy we felt at that moment.

After court we had a celebratory lunch at the very fine Pushkin Hotel which serves very good and authentic Italian
Cuisine.  Once we finished lunch it was time to go to the records office to change your names from Alphia and Fatima
to Iris and Rose respectively.  Out of deference to your country of origin we have kept your Kazakh names as your
middle names.  

Immediately following our business at the records office we were off to the Baby House to claim our prizes...the two of
you.  First we met with the Baby House Director to sign some more documents and then there was a big party with
cake and gift exchange.  We actually handed out 27 gifts total to your doctors, nurses, care givers, massage
therapist, physiotherapist,  and speech therapist (the last 3 were not a joke).  Finally, with little ceremony, we grabbed
you two and walked out of there...that was it.

Back at the Chagala Hotel they had two cribs waiting for us.  Things at the hotel were hectic because we had to take
care of you and pack, and eat dinner.  That night was a bit sleepless for all of us but it did not matter much, we have
finally become a family.  

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