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12-2-2004 Journal
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We finally got the awful taste of our Chinese meal out of our mouths when we woke up this morning…I do not know if I
was at all ambiguous about my journal entry review of that restaurant but let me recapitulate using two words, “it
stunk”.  We thought about starting our own Chinese Restaurant here…we thought we would call it the Kazakh Flowers
Restaurant (
to see a menu click here)

Today’s morning visit was a little more eventful as we got to change the two of you for the first time.  Your poor Daddy
sounded like he was wrestling an alligator and had beads of sweat on his brow while he was dressing Rose and it took
him about 3 times the amount of time it took your Mom to dress Iris.  I am not sure it took so long because your Dad’s
uncoordinated and could not get his sausage like fingers to snap those tiny little snaps or Rose’s dead-on imitation of
an octopus that was being attacked by a shark…probably a little of both.  It certainly did not help matters that a group
of women were giggling at your struggling father after he realized he had put your little jump suit on backwards.

We also got to witness you two getting a massage…this was one of the benefits we kept repeating when people
asked us why we say they treat their babies so well in Kazakhstan.  Unfortunately our two little princesses hated their
massage and would not stop crying.  Your Mom fully understood…real massages can only be had at expensive spas.

In the evening we got our briefing from our coordinator Olga and translator Assia for our pre-court hearing tomorrow
followed by a fine pizza dinner at Hotel Chagala with our traveling partners and new friends Jenn and Tim.