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12-14-2004 Journal
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This is the last Kazakhstan journal entry.  What an adventure it has been.  We have had a long trip some ways and a
very fast one in other ways .  We cannot wait to get home to our dogs Rocco and Donnie Brasco.  Our next door
neighbor e-mailed us and told us they seemed to miss us.  Along that line of thought we will not be taking our creature
comforts for granted when we get home…our own kitchen, high thread count sheets, American TV, our own cars…I
think I am going to burn all the clothes I have had on this trip as I feel like I am wearing the same pair of jeans and
sweatshirt all the time.  It will definitely be good to get home…

Today we went to the American Embassy.  It was a 40 minute visit most of which was spent in the company of George
W., Dick C. and Colin P. (who’s pictures were hanging on the wall of the waiting room).  Once our name was called we
walked into a small both where on the other side of a sheath of bullet proof glass sat an American man in a uniform.  
This man gave us your Kazakh passports with your new names and a visa to enter the U.S. with.  He also handed us
all the papers we need to get you a Social Security Number and U.S. passport.  By the time you read this there maybe
no such thing as Social Security…instead it might be called “You’re On Your Own Sucker” or something like that to
describe the government retirement benefits you will be receiving in your lifetime.  You will be dual citizens until you
are 18 years old and then you will have to choose which country you want to belong to.  A quick note on that
choice…your Mom and I love the U.S. (or as Borat from Kazakhstan likes to call it “The U. S. and A.”).  Besides from
being a beautiful land with millions of great people in it, we have a government where anyone can rise up and be
heard and an economic system where its masses are invested and motivated to contribute to its success.  There is a
heart and pride in America where many noble values are coveted, revered and ingrained its people.

The journey itself has been the most fulfilling either of us has ever traveled.  Our life long dream and ultimate goal in
life and marriage has realized itself through our adoption of the two of you.  We stare down into your cribs at night and
weep at our good fortune.  We are in awe of your beauty and determination to be.  Regardless of your limited time
and experience in life your mother and I can identify with your pain and your joy.  We stare at your little faces and the
mystery of life seems to unfold before us…at least for that moment.  We find ourselves dreaming and planning our
future together with excited zeal…in short you have brought meaning to our lives and we thank you.