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12-1-2004 Journal
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Today we got a wonderful surprise from your care givers.  Your mother had given them a blank card that said, "Good
Bye to Iris and Rose", and had asked your care givers to individually sign their best wishes on the card.  What came
back exceeded our expectations!

The card came back with beautiful heartfelt poem in Russian on it that said (loosely paraphrased), "Although you had
a warm bed to sleep in there was still a foreboding storm waiting for you outside your window (a metaphor for the real
world being a scary place), but now you still have the warm bed and a mother to love you and you no longer need to
be concerned about the storm outside."  They then wrote the care giver's names below.  We will take this card, have it
framed and hang it in your room.

Today marks day 13 of our visits which means tomorrow we will have fulfilled the requirement of 14 days of visitation
and be eligible to go to court for custody.  Our court date, for now, is scheduled for this Tuesday.  We are not to
worried about it as a family that has made it this far has never been denied.